Dry Ice Fog Machine

Dry Ice Fog Machine dancing
Dry Ice Fog

Dry Ice Fog Machines, aka Dancing On A Cloud!

There’s no doubt in our minds that your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your lives regardless of the details of your reception! That being said, we’re all looking for ways to enhance the wedding experience for our guests and ourselves. We rent gorgeous cars to escort us to and from the venue. We deck out the reception with beautiful flowers and centerpieces. The catering menu is put together with care and consideration. Then there’s the first dance!

What can you do to elevate this experience and create amazing photos and memories?!

First step is hiring an amazing DJ to play your favorite love song! From there, taking dance classes is great, and – if you’re up for it – working on a choreographed dance number to wow your guests is even better! But, what else can you do to elevate your first dance experience?

Well, this is where adding a Nimbus™ Dry Ice Fog Machine to your event comes in!

JZM Entertainment uses the Nimbus™ Dry Ice Fog Machine to create dense white fog that hugs the floor then evaporates without rising. The effect is perfect for your first dance as newlyweds, but could also be incorporated into other special moments throughout the evening, such as your grand entrance, farewell at the end of the evening, or to add drama to the dance floor throughout the night!

The Nimbus™ Dry Ice Machine works by heating water that is then forced across the block of dry ice, creating a magical low lying fog effect, and requires many pounds of dry ice, but don’t worry, we take care of all of that for you!

Our Nimbus™ Dry Ice Fog Machine is available as an event add-on for celebrations in Monterey, Carmel, Seaside, Salinas, Hollister, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, San Jose and the entire Bay Area!

Reasons to Use a Dry Ice Fog Machine

The Fog Hugs the Floor

When the freezing dry ice meets the boiling water, an abundance of cool, thick smoke is created. As this smoke fills the machine, it rushes onto the dancefloor to create the magical, awe inspiring ‘cloud 9’ first dance experience. This low-lying fog hugs the dancefloor, instead of filling the whole room!

It’s Like Dancing on a Cloud

Because this machine creates a fog that remains so low, the smoke draws together to create a thicker plume. This makes the Dry Ice Fog Machine unique to other smoke or fog machines. The cloud it creates looks like something from a movie, and adds to the illusion that you are in fact dancing on a cloud!

Safe For Venue Alarm Systems

The fog that is released from a dry ice machine is a gas which doesn’t contain particles, unlike its smoke machine or haze machine counterparts. This is incredibly important to prevent it rising, hovering around and setting off smoke alarms. The last thing you want is your guests having to evacuate the building, or worse yet, set off the sprinkler system during your first dance as a married couple!