Brilliant Event Sparklers

Looking for a unique way to impress your guests? Cold Sparklers are the way to go!

They’re usually used for the big entrance, first dance, start of the live band, and grand exit. They truly have that “wow” factor.

We use these at times during the event when you want to really stimulate your visitors’ senses and take your event to the next level. .

It’s best to keep these a surprise for your visitors because they’ll go crazy when they see them in person.

Some clients were anxious that they were real fireworks, but they are not.

They don’t utilize gun powder and are perfectly safe to use indoors because they use a non-hazardous gerb effect that mimics traditional pyrotechnics.

To avoid being overly technical, they use a unique granulated alloy, no gunpowder or standard pyrotechnic processes are required.

The sparks themselves are not combustible since they function at such low temperatures.

The machines are also extremely intelligent, with numerous built-in safety protocols.

Because the units produce cold fallout that is entirely safe, no huge safety or exclusion zones are necessary (you can even pass your hand through the effect without any concern).

Brilliant Event Sparklers in Action