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Create Ambience With Event Lighting

At JZM Entertainment we know just how important Event Lighting is to setting the mood for your celebration, and have used decor and architectural lighting to create ambience at every type of event, and in almost every kind of venue you could imagine!

So it’s unfortunate that many people view lighting at their reception as a luxury item, rather than a decor necessity. At JZM Entertainment we’re doing our part to prove that theory wrong! When it comes to wedding decor, what are the makers and the breakers? In our experience lighting often seems to initially fall under the category of indifference, meaning its value and impact is severely underrated! We feel that some of that indifference stems from simply misunderstanding the power of lighting and how it can transform your space, and set the mood for your celebration!

We’ve seen firsthand how tents, bare event spaces, and outdoor spaces such as backyards and lawns can be utterly transformed through the use of Event Decor Lighting! We’d even go so far as to say that when it comes to decor, nothing gives you the biggest back for your buck as Event Lighting!

As a bonus, JZM Entertainment has extensive knowledge of, and experience working with almost every venue in the Monterey Bay area, and would love to use that knowledge to help you transform your event space into something truly exceptional with the addition of decor lighting!

Event Lighting is a wonderful add-on to our JZM Entertainment DJ packages, and is available for events booked in Monterey, Carmel, Seaside, Salinas, Hollister, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, San Jose and the entire Bay Area!

Reasons to Incorporate Decor Lighting Into Your Event

It Helps Set the Vibe For Your Celebration!

I cannot stress enough just how much of an impact Event Decor Lighting makes on the overall look and feel of your event! The addition of uplighting and decor lighting wash, can change the atmosphere or your room instantly! For example, soft warm lights can be used to create a romantic mood during dinner, while bright, disco-esque colors put people in a party mood for the dance!

It Accentuates Venue Architecture!

Your venue is likely already gorgeous! After all, you chose it for a reason! But you can accentuate its beauty even further with the use of decor lightscaping. Event Lighting can be used to illuminate the podium for speeches, highlight unique architecture elements in your venue like tray ceilings or pillars, or to draw attention to your well chosen design elements. Best of all, the addition of Event Lighting will generally not break the bank, but will seriously bump up the wow factor in your event space!

Your Photographer Will Thank You!

Seriously! Photographers love wedding decor lighting because it gives them even more visual elements to incorporate in their pictures, meaning even more beautiful wedding reception photos for you!