Ceremony Sound Systems

Ceremony Sound System Rental

Unfortunately we’ve all been to wedding ceremonies where we are straining to hear the officiant or the couple as they are exchanging vows, and it really takes away from the magic of the moment!

This is so disappointing after all the time, care and attention that gets poured into planning a wedding, and unfortunately tends to overshadow most of the other elements of the ceremony, like all the decor you’ve spent months – or years – planning!

Wouldn’t you rather your wedding ceremony be remembered for the heartfelt vows and readings you’ve selected or written, and all the emotions that those evoke, instead of being remembered for the fact that your guests didn’t hear a thing?! After all, don’t you want to look out on your gathered loved ones and see beaming emotion filled faces, instead of a sea of confused faces?

Ultimately you want your guests to hear you, so that you can all share in the moment together, because nothing draws a group of people closer together than having a shared emotional experience! It also gives all the married couple’s in the crowd a moment to relive and reflect on their own union, and we think that’s a beautiful thing!

Ceremony Systems

To that end, at JZM Entertainment we pride ourselves in providing a custom high-quality, user-friendly ceremony sound system that will allow your honored guests to hear every heartfelt moment! Just like they should!

Ceremony Sound Systems

As another plus, JZM Entertainment’s Custom Ceremony Sound System can be used for either indoor and outdoor – weather permitting – events, and will give you the reliable professional quality sound you deserve and should expect for your big day!

We think the most nerve wracking moment at your wedding ceremony should be delivering your vows to your sweetheart, not whether or not your guests can hear you!

At JZM Entertainment we’d be honored to help you create lasting memories with our Ceremony Sound System, which is currently available to rent for events in Monterey, Carmel, Seaside, Salinas, Hollister, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, San Jose and the entire Bay Area!

Renting is Simple! We’ll guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have about the Custom Ceremony Sound System itself!

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