Monogram Projections

Personalize Your Event Lighting

You might be asking yourself, what exactly is Monogram Lighting, why do I need it, and what is it going to bring to my event? Well, we’re happy to elaborate!

With Monogram Lighting, the monogram, logo or pattern projection is created using a specialized metal or glass disc – otherwise known as a gobo – that is customized before your event and created just for you! The monogram disc is then projected onto a wall, ceiling, floor or surface of your choosing, using a specialized monogram projector. You could say the writing is on the wall! Ba-dum-bum-chh!!

But, please forgive us for that terrible pun, because we believe that Monogram Lighting really can add a wonderful personal, or on brand touch to your event!

Another benefit of Monogram Lighting is its versatility for use at all kinds of events because of the level of customization involved. Every event, no matter what, gets their own customized projection disc. That means that Monogram Lighting is just as suited for use at weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, Quinceañeras and holiday parties, as it is for use at corporate parties, trade shows and marketing events!

Custom Monogram Lighting makes a perfect special addition to any of our JMZ Entertainment DJ packages, and is available for events in Monterey, Carmel, Seaside, Salinas, Hollister, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, San Jose and the entire Bay Area!

Monogram Lighting

Why Use Monogram Lighting At Your Event

Big Impact, Minimal Investment

Having your monogram, logo or pattern of your choosing projected onto the dance floor is a very high impact way to add some customization to your event. Imagine all your guests walking into the event venue for the first time and being wowed to see your names or logo projected larger than life onto the dance floor, ceiling or surface of your choosing. I imagine many of your guests will stop to get a photo of your beautiful monogram or logo projection!

It Works For Every Event and Theme

Looking to host a minimalistic event, a romantic event, a cute & quirky event, a rustic event, a fairytale event, an upscale event, a holiday event or a corporate branding event? The good news is that Monogram/logo Lighting works for and adds to every event